Friday, January 28, 2011

Larium Aerobics and Minties

So I have been here 5 full days and I must say that the way things are going I might be able to come back to the US and run a triathlon. Mr. Freedman is the aerobics instructor at one of the one and only gyms in The Gambia. He can appear to be a frightening man but in reality he is a sweetheart who just wants to whip his customers into shape. A one month membership costs 100 Dalasies which is equal to 3 dollars. The gym itself is a very run down stadium and the classes dont have windows which is the norm for most buildings here. It is about a mile walk to and from the stadium, the walk itself is quite interesting. Yesterday while walking we had followers, a group of kids bombarded us. It was cute at first because they held our hands and were talking to us then they started asking for things money/candy/homes. They call candy minties and while walking anywhere kids often yell Toubob minites. When they found out we had nothing to offer them they ran off.

Larium is the drug that I am taking for malaria prevention, it has a list of  side effects but the one that I am suffering from is weird crazy dreams, anger and death filled dreams. It is beginning to get a little disturbing because while I am in the dream everything seems like it is normal but when I wake up and think about the dream all I can think of is wow that was messed up, I didnt even know that I had thoughts like that. Larium must dive deep and unlock the deepest of my subconscious, almost as if it releases people from inception.

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  1. It really seems like your having fun, Shelbs! Although, I want details on not opening your backpack in front of a monkey. Haha.

    I've been on meds before that have given me crazy dreams. I always feel like, when I'm on them, that I've smoked a LOT of something (crack, pot, shoe-polish, etc.) before I go to bed. It makes me not want to try any of that stuff. But it is very much like inception.