Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1 month in

I have been here in The Gambia for over a month now.  I cant believe that much time has passed, in a way it feels like I have been here all my life and in other ways it feels like I have just arrived. I am always having Larium dreams that I am going home and I wake up upset because I am no where ready to leave. I absolutely love it here. I feel myself changing more and more everyday whether its the color of my skin or my own philosophy on life. I am now running on Gambian time which may be a problem when I get back to the states. Here it is as if people are going with the flow and by flow I mean slow trickle of life. Its nice to just move with time instead of making time go to the pace that you want it to. If someone is late it just lets you know that in the future its ok to make them wait. Being on Tubob time when everyone else is on gambian time is not fun. Most events start atleast 2 hours after the designated time. People seem quite understanding of everything that happens. In Woloff mas means sorry and people are always saying mas even if you are the one that has done something. Me being clumsy as I am often times find myself tripping here and running into things and when I do such things as this I hear shouts of mas everywhere.

Hitchhiking is my favorite thing to do in The Gambia. Its a way to meet all sorts of people. The Gambia is a melting pot and often times when we get in a car we find that people come from all over to live in the Gambia and Gambians have also been everywhere. We have made friends with people from the Libyan embassy. Whether we need a ride or not they are always stopping for us and we seem to see them everywhere. The other day I got in a truck with air conditioning it was a wonderful treat to feel cool air.

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  1. Shelby,
    I love following and reading your blog. I've been a handful of places now but never to The Gambia. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Stay safe and enjoy the trickling of time you have. :)